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James Murphy Graduated from University of Connecticut where he studied history. His extensive studies of the revolutionary war began in his obsession with the U.S justice System and the laws that protect and govern society.

James would decide to move to Southern California and attend Whittier Law School. In his final year, James was elected Chief Justice of the Moot Court Honors board by his law school peers. In this, James represented Whittier Law School in four Moot Court Competitions focused on challenging unreasonable search and seizures under the Fourth Amendment.

James also clerked for a criminal defense firm during his time in law school. He wrote numerous motions related to search and seizure, statute of limitations, evidentiary motions and trial briefs. He also was able to sit at the second chair at counsel’s table during several criminal defense trials. This experience gave James a keen insight in how to prepare and defend criminal cases, from consultations all the way through trial.

Upon graduation and passing the bar exam, James was hired as an associate attorney for the criminal defense firm he clerked for in law school. Here, he focused on white collar fraud cases and sex crimes. In 2017, James became one of the founding members of Ryu Weimortz Murphy LLP. James continues to handle very complex white collar and sex crime cases and he is invaluable to us in this regard.