Mark Haushalter- Penn State Fox News at 11

Mark Haushalter of Okabe & Haushalter appeared on Fox News at 11 to discuss the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. Mr. Haushalter is a legal analyst for the station. Here, he states his belief that this case will not settle, and will not result in a plea bargain but will rather go to trial. These cases are extremely sensitive, in that they involve child victims. While a trial might be long and especially painful for the victims and their families, Mr. Haushalter believes that since Mr. Paterno has so much exposure, at this point the case will likely go to trial. He explains that both prosecuting and defense attorneys are cognizant of the fact that these child victims have already been victimized once, and that a public trial would essentially act as a second victimization. Despite this fact, trials are often necessary because either A) the defendant wants their time in court, or B) the prosecution and defense simply can’t agree on a plea bargain.


Mark J. Haushalter Internet Attorney
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Mark Haushalter Penn State KTTV Fox 11
Mark Haushalter-Penn State KTTV Fox 11
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