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Your Child's Emotional Needs
Okabe and Haushalter prides itself on not just representing your child's interest in criminal court but also to ensure your child receives the emotional help they may need.

Juveniles deal with criminal charges differently than adults do. Being arrested and charged with a crime can be very traumatizing for a young person, and our firm is here to ensure that we not only provide legal help for our young clients, but also emotional help. To accomplish this goal, our firm has a psychologist on staff that is ready at all times to meet with our juvenile clients. At Okabe & Haushalter, we are ready to help. Most of the time, underage individuals who are accused of crimes deserve some sort of corrective penalty that is rehabilitative rather than a harsh punishment. Our goal is to secure an appropriate outcome to your child’s case, rather than an overly-harsh sentence. To learn more about our juvenile crime practice, call and speak with us today.