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Help for Parents
One of the goals at Okabe & Haushalter is to help get the parents through a difficult and trying process.

Parents frequently contact Okabe & Haushalter after they find out that their child is facing criminal charges. We understand what a difficult and trying time this is for parents, and we have experience guiding them through the legal process. Our firm is here to do whatever it takes for concerned parents and their children who are facing criminal charges in either the juvenile court or adult court. Attorneys as Okabe & Haushalter are parents, and understand the heartache that can accompany hearing news such as this. From a place of empathy and understanding, our team of Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys can provide you and your child with the defense necessary to secure a favorable outcome to your case. Our goal in these types of cases is not only to provide exceptional criminal defense, but to help and guide parents through this difficult time.