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Lee Anthony Stands By Sis Casey's Side
Mark Haushalter appears on Dr. Drew to discuss the Casey Anthony trial.

Mark Haushalter appeared on Dr. Drew to discuss the long-running Casey Anthony trial for the alleged murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. In particular, Mr. Haushalter weighed in on Lee Anthony’s relationship with his sister Casey. Lee was accused of attempted sexual assault of his sister, and yet he still stands by her side in the midst of this trial. Opinions are torn over these allegations. Some believe that the accusations were completely false since Casey was proven not to be a credible source of information. Others believe that there might be something to these allegations. Mark Haushalter believes that the defense could use these allegations to their advantage. To prove Casey’s innocence, they could use her background as a victim to explain her erratic and even criminal behavior. Mark Haushalter stands firm in his belief that, regardless of how much the media demonizes Casey Anthony, that there are real, defensible issues in this case, one of them being the allegations that Casey was sexually abused.