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Anonymous Cyber Threat
Mark Haushalter appears on Fox 11 to discuss the computer hacking group Anonymous.

The Fullerton Police Department was targeted by a group of anonymous hackers. The hacker group which actually goes by the name “Anonymous” threatened to target the police department’s email in retaliation for the Kelly Thomas case. For those who are not aware of this particular case, Kelly Thomas was a homeless man who was involved in an altercation with a Fullerton Police Officer and was killed as a result. According to Mark Haushalter, who appeared as a legal analyst in this Fox News presentation, the cyber group Anonymous is trying to gain as much publicity as possible with this series of threats. Mr. Haushalter stated his belief that not only does Anonymous wish to build their membership, but also their notoriety. Mark Haushalter is extremely proficient in cybercrime cases and brought valuable insight to this particular media event.