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Nevada law requires all convicted sex offenders to register on the sex offender registry. Sex offenders are classified in “tiers” based upon the severity of their offense; for example, Tier I is the lowest level of sex offender while Tier III is for violent offenders. If you have been convicted as a sex offender, you still have many duties to uphold. One of those duties is required registry on the sex offender list. If you fail to do so, you will be faced with additional penalties.

Sex offenders are classified by tiers primarily to distinguish between which offenders are most likely to commit a sex offense again. According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, there are even Tier 0 offenders who are convicted of sex offenses but are not required to give community notification. These individuals are typically those convicted of misdemeanors.

How long will an offender need to register?

Minus certain exceptions, registration lasts for the following length of time:

  • Tier I: 15 Years
  • Tier II: 25 Years
  • Tier III: Life of the Offender

There is the possible hope of getting these intervals reduced. For example, if the registered sex offender complies with their registration for a certain number of consecutive years, then they may be able to file a petition to get the interval reduced. For example, Tier I offenders are permitted to petition for a reduction after spending 10 consecutive years on the registry.

Felony Charges for Failure to Register

It is a category D felony to fail to register as a sex offender with your local law enforcement agency, pursuant to NRS 179D.550. It is also considered a felony offense for a convicted sex offender to fail to notify law enforcement if they move, change their name, or update their employment status. Any other false, misleading, and failed notification is also a felony.

Convicted sex offenders must re-register with local law enforcement as follows:

  • Tier I: Annually
  • Tier II: Every 180 Days
  • Tier III: Every 90 Days

Your Las Vegas Sex Crime Attorneys

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