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An effective way to clean up a criminal record in the state of Nevada is through a pardon. Pardons are granted by the Board of Pardon Commissioners, which is composed of the Governor, the justices of the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General. Receiving this recognition can greatly aid your ability to become a productive member of society. It can help you find a stable job, receive a license, and be generally more accepted by society as a whole.

Applying for a Pardon

When pursuing a pardon, you can fill out an application called the Community Pardon Application. You can either request a full pardon that restores all your rights, including the right to possess a firearm, or you can request a regular pardon that does not reinstate gun privileges. You will have to provide all necessary information about your conviction. You will have to name the offense, the court that you were convicted in, and the punishment that was assigned. You must also include the date of your sentencing and release. You must be convincing because this board is the only institution that has the power to grant pardons, and they do not do so freely.

Eligibility Requirements

Once you complete your sentence, you are eligible to apply for a pardon. Normally, the Board of Pardon Commissioners will not grant the pardon unless you can prove you have been completely rehabilitated. Often, they will measure this by the amount of time that has passed—the longer, the better. The pardon can only be extended to crimes that are a Nevada State conviction.

Though a pardon does not erase your conviction, it is a full and unconditional pardon. This means that all of your citizenship rights are restored. Any legal disabilities that you incurred as a result of your conviction are also removed. In most cases, you will be able to vote and serve on a jury again. If you are looking to apply for this pardon, it is best to do so with the aid of a knowledgeable criminal attorney. Contact Okabe & Haushalter for the help you need!