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Okabe & Haushalter Can Help with Out-of-State Charges

If you have been arrested for a crime while visiting Las Vegas from somewhere out of state, it is crucial that you seek help from an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to reduce your chances of having to remain in custody in the city. Even minor offenses can result in you being kept for a significant period of time—if you are convicted, you may have serious criminal punishment.

Arrested in Las Vegas while touring the city? It is important for you to know about:

  • Dismissals – Depending on the facts, if you do not have a criminal record or prior arrest record, your lawyer may have a chance to secure a reduction or dismissal of charges.
  • Court Appearances – With the help of an experienced lawyer, the likelihood of having to return to Las Vegas to make court appearances will be substantially reduced. A lawyer may be able to appear on your behalf at most, if not all, of the scheduled court dates.

Sex Crimes in Clark County & Las Vegas

There are a number of Nevada laws that tourists do not know whose violation can result in sex crime charges. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Prostitution – According to NRS 201.354, prostitution is legal in certain rural areas of Nevada in prostitution houses with a state license. Clark County, however, has outlawed the practice. Many prostitution stings are set up in the city by Las Vegas police in order to catch those engaging in the act. Unfortunately, being unaware of this law is unlikely to result in a dismissal of sex crime charges.
  • Open or Gross Lewdness – NRS 201.210 is Nevada’s public indecency law. While most states are specific in detailing which body parts are illegal to expose in public, Nevada is not. As a result, a large number of acts can fall into the public indecency category and result in arrest. A conviction on such charges can potentially lead to mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Arrested for DUI while visiting Vegas?

State laws prohibit motor vehicle operators from driving under the influence. This includes out of state visitors and tourists. If you are from another state and have been charged with DUI, contact our firm. We know the hardships that can result from a DUI arrest and the added difficulties when the offense involves a tourist or visitor. We can conduct an aggressive defense and do everything possible to minimize your time in jail and appearances at legal proceedings.

DUI can result in several penalties based on the facts of the case, including:

  • Probation
  • Jail Time
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Community Service
  • Loss Of Driving Privileges In Nevada
  • Vehicle Impoundment

When fighting DUI charges, representation by a proven defense firm is vital. Call us now.

Work with an Experienced Criminal Law Firm

If you have been arrested while a tourist in Las Vegas, Okabe & Haushalter can provide you with assistance. We have significant experience, having worked on some of the most high profile cases of our generation, and we are available to provide you with aggressive legal representation that is designed to reduce or eliminate your charges, as well as the possibility of a on your criminal record. Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from our firm for immediate legal help! The sooner you get us involved, the faster we can help build your defense.