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Fighting Federal Counterfeiting Charges

Counterfeiting is the crime of producing a replica or imitation of an item with the intention of passing it off as genuine. It can involve the counterfeiting of money, as well as watches, clothing, art, documents, and electronics. Examples include creating imitation designer fashions, false I.D. cards, permits, and licenses. Due to their complexity, counterfeiting cases are often investigated for many months before there is an indictment. Skilled federal prosecutors are often involved in trying such cases, which can put you at a disadvantage if you are not represented by an equally competent criminal defense attorney. Level the playing field with an aggressive criminal attorney.

If you are convicted of counterfeiting, the penalties you will be facing include:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Asset seizure

The counterfeiting of money is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. You may also be charged with conspiracy if it is believed that the counterfeiting was a criminal operation involving other individuals. Our firm can mount an aggressive defense for clients in federal court.

Arrested for counterfeiting? Our firm can help!

Our Las Vegas federal crime lawyers can explain counterfeiting laws and discuss your defense options if you are facing counterfeiting charges. In such cases, you need an experienced federal case attorney who can aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case to help prevent a guilty verdict. Okabe & Haushalter is a capable criminal law firm that has successfully represented many clients in federal court. Our attorneys have prosecution experience and know what tactics will be used by the government when pursuing a conviction. We can provide valuable legal guidance and help craft a strong defense to fight these serious allegations.

Contact a Las Vegas counterfeiting lawyer at our office for sound legal advice regarding your defense and how to proceed in challenging the prosecution’s case.