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A criminal record can haunt a person for their entire life. If you are being weighed down by your record, you can do something about it. Normally, when an individual goes about cleaning up their record, they do so through expungement. This is essentially the process by which a record is destroyed or erased. Often, it is described as sealing a person’s record. Though these two terms are similar, they are technically different. In the state of Nevada, legislation provides a way to seal records so that they are hidden. Once a record is sealed, an individual can no longer access the information. Only law enforcement or government agencies can look at the information.

Requirements for Obtaining an Expungement

If you are looking to have your records sealed, there are a number of requirements that you must meet. The first is a time requirement. This will depend primarily on the type of conviction you received. If your crime was a category A or B felony, you must wait 15 years after being released from custody or were discharged from probation. If it was a category C or D felony, you must wait 12 years. You will have to wait 7 years if you were convicted of a category E felony.

When you file a petition to seal your record, you must provide verified records of your criminal history either from a local law enforcement agency or the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History. You must identify what you want to be sealed. You will not be able to have your records sealed if the crime was directed against a child or was a sexual offense.

Looking to apply?

Having your records sealed can be an invaluable step to a better future. One mistake should not keep you from living a successful and productive life. When you are ready to make this step, you should do so with an experienced attorney by your side. We at Okabe & Haushalter can walk you through this process step by step. We know how important this procedure is and will leave nothing to chance. If you have any questions about the criminal defense process, contact us.