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When an individual under 21 is found to be operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.02% or higher, the young driver will be arrested and charged with DUI. This situation can cause serious problems for any young driver as they will be subject to loss of license, fines, and other punishments. Nevada’s “zero tolerance” policy creates serious problems for a young driver who has been pulled over by law enforcement, tested, and registered above the legal limit. NRS 484.379 was amended to deter young drivers who may consider consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. In an effort to protect the community along with young drivers, the zero-tolerance policy was implemented in the state. It is crucial that you contact a Las Vegas DUI lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter as early as possible in the case.

DUI Lawyer: Representing Minors in Las Vegas

The repercussion to the young driver can be extensive if they are convicted of DUI.

Not only will they lose their ability to legally drive, it can affect their future opportunities in regards to employment. A conviction for DUI can have long term affects; it is vital that efforts are made to reduce the damage or seek an acquittal. As breath testing units have a margin of error, it is possible that a young driver could register above the limit without having consumed any alcohol. Without effective defense action, the young driver could lose their right to drive for 90 days, be ordered to pay expensive fines, be forced to attend alcohol treatment programs, and spend time in jail. Those who register a higher BAC can expect enhanced penalties.

Okabe & Haushalter Can Help Protect Your Rights

State lawmakers have mandated that young drivers charged with DUI be evaluated to determine if they have an alcohol-related problem and get treatment if it is decided that they do. They will be required to pay for this evaluation, as well. In many cases, a young driver can be charged as an adult in any DUI-related offense—particularly in cases in which an accident, injury, or death occurred. It is a critical matter with regard to the future opportunities and freedom of a young driver to have a highly skilled defense lawyer to assist in defending their case. Okabe & Haushalter takes on such cases committed to helping the young driver and in reducing the damage to their lives and future. Contact a Las Vegas DUI lawyer from our firm today!