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Field sobriety tests are designed to gauge the sobriety of an individual. If the individual’s mental or physical abilities are impaired due to alcohol or drug abuse, it is allegedly manifested in the field sobriety tests. If field sobriety tests are failed, the officer has grounds to make an arrest. In some cases, field sobriety tests can be used against an individual as evidence in a court of law. Anyone facing DUI charges that has been made to take field sobriety tests should speak with a Las Vegas DUI attorney from Okabe & Haushalter immediately.

The problem with field sobriety tests is that, in many cases, their accuracy can be challenged. In addition, if the person administering the field sobriety tests does so incorrectly, it can result in erroneous police reports. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of field sobriety tests and how they relate to a DUI conviction. We can review the DUI charges and the exact manner that the field sobriety tests were given. In many cases, we find that the tests were not accurate. In such a case, we may be able to greatly lessen or eradicate the charges.

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In cases where field sobriety tests play a major role, an individual can benefit greatly from hiring an attorney who is familiar in field sobriety tests, their correct administration, and how they relate to DUI charges. Even in cases where the individual was able to pass a breath or blood test, he or she may still face a conviction from a failed field sobriety test. Our firm has helped many clients to overcome DUI charges by challenging the results of breath, blood, and field sobriety tests. Call our firm today if you have any questions or would like to know how you can be helped.

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