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Under state law, those who have been responsible for an accident and are found to be driving drunk will face serious criminal charges. When no damage has taken place, the situation could be less dangerous legally, but will require fast, effective action by a skilled Las Vegas DUI lawyer.

Felony DUI Charges in Accident Cases

This is serious criminal charge that can lead to extensive prison time and other repercussions. Car crashes are upsetting and frightening, but when you are the person who is accused of being responsible for the injury or death of another individual, it is an extremely dangerous legal situation that demands fast defense action. Our legal team is committed to seeking the best possible defense for clients who are accused of being responsible for a car accident due to intoxication. In cases in which there has been an injury or death, a felony charge will likely be filed against the individual who is accused of DUI and causing the accident. Our legal team acts quickly to take defensive actions for clients that are facing this dangerous criminal accusation.

Accused of causing a DUI accident? Get immediate legal help!

When an individual is involved in an accident, law enforcement will often determine that a person who was determined to be DUI was the responsible party. In some cases, after an independent investigation of the accident scene, it is found that another driver was actually responsible. The assumption of guilt in the injury accident could be challenged when the case is taken on early.

It is necessary to have the opportunity to investigate all the existing evidence; as time passes, the accident scene and evidence will no longer be available for an independent investigation. It is strongly advised that you contact us immediately after a DUI arrest with an accident. We can evaluate the circumstances in the case and advise you of the defense strategy we can employ.

Do not hesitate to contact a Las Vegas DUI lawyer from Okabe & Haushalter at once if you are charged with DUI and were involved in an accident.