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Understanding Charges of Being Under the Influence

In Nevada, it is illegal to be under the influence of controlled substances, drugs, or narcotics.

This is defined under NRS 453.411 as the following:

“It is unlawful for a person knowingly to use or be under the influence of a controlled substance except in accordance with a lawfully issued prescription.”

This means that even though you may have no drugs in your possession, you can be charged with a crime if you are found to be under the influence of a drug or “high.”

Types of Drugs Involved in These Cases

There are many drugs that fall under the category of a controlled substance:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine
  • Speed
  • Mushrooms
  • LSD

There are many more. Beyond those, it is also illegal to be under the influence of a prescription drug if you do not have a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Drugs such as OxyContin, Vicadin, Valium, morphine, and codeine are often the drugs involved in prescription drug cases.

Contact an Experienced Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Crimes of being under the influence of drugs are often charged along with possession with intent when drugs are found or, if you were driving when arrested, DUI. With the addition of each crime, penalties get only greater. You could be facing fines, jail, or prison time; therefore, it is in your best interests to work with an experienced drug crime lawyer. It is absolutely crucial that no time is wasted in getting the help that you deserve so that you can build a strategic defense that fully protects your legal rights. If you have been charged with any crime of this nature, Okabe & Haushalter can greatly assist you. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you!

Do not hesitate to contact a Las Vegas drug crime defense attorney from our firm!