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Methamphetamine—more commonly known as meth, crystal, or ice—is a stimulant drug that is known for being highly addictive. Most often, meth is abused orally, smoked, snorted, or dissolved in liquid. When it is taken, meth causes several side effects, including an elevated mood, better concentration, and more energy, which makes it an extremely popular drug. Unfortunately, the drug has also been found to cause psychosis and even cerebral hemorrhaging.

Aggressive Meth Crime Defense in Las Vegas

Las Vegas ranks high in the number of people arrested while using meth. The increase in its availability and use in this area has caused law enforcement to be harsh with those they see may be contributing to this situation. That does not preclude your rights in any way. Our defense lawyers can protect your rights tirelessly. When you engage our services for your defense, we are on your side and can fight zealously to bring about the best possible outcome for your case. We have years of experience in criminal defense, and we are knowledgeable of both state and federal laws concerning drug crimes. A responsible legal team like ours is a smart choice.

Arrested for a drug crime involving meth?

Drug crimes are ranked in severity according to several factors. Your prior record is always a factor in determining how you will be charged, as it the quantity of the meth involved. Large quantities of the drug tend to indicate possession with intent to sell. This is much more serious than simply using. Similarly, just having various meth manufacturing paraphernalia in your possession can lead to charges of manufacturing and sale or distribution.

In either case, a felony conviction can lead to fines in the thousands of dollars in addition to prison time. Drug crimes of this nature on your record can also seriously affect your future. It can ruin some employment opportunities and, in some cases, you can be prevented from traveling to certain countries. Whatever the circumstances of your case, you deserve to have aggressive legal counsel throughout. Law enforcement will do everything it can to convict you; you need a criminal defense team on your side that will do everything it can to protect you.

Contact a Las Vegas drug crime attorney if you have been charged with meth crimes.