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Understanding Bath Salts and Drug Crimes

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), bath salts are the latest stimulant used by young Americans to get high. In short, bath salts are a synthetic powder sold online under numerous names, such as ivory wave, purple wave, red dove, blue silk, zoom, bloom, cloud nine, ocean snow, lunar wave, and white lightning. While bath salts have proven to be a dangerous drug, convicting someone of a crime they didn’t commit is wrong too. That’s why our attorneys are ready to help anyone who has been accused of illegal activity related to bath salts.

What are the consequences?

Because bath salts are a relatively new drug, NIDA has little information on what the long- and short-term side effects of the drug. So far, researches can tell that the drug contains chemicals similar to ingredients found in meth. Like meth, it seems as though bath salts cause users to experience intense cravings, which are the least significant side effects. Users have also experienced chest pain, high blood pressure, and suicidal tendencies. In some cases, these suicidal tendencies have failed to wear off—even when the individual was no longer impaired.

Statistics About Bath Salts

According to NIDA, a bothersome number of injuries, ER visits, and other incidents have been connected to bath salts. Additionally, the number of calls to poison control centers in the United States concerning the drug rose between 2010 and 2011. NIDA sees no indication that use will decrease in the near future. Because of this, law enforcement may become overzealous when enforcing drug-related laws. Bath salts are dangerous, but convicting an innocent person of a crime he or she didn’t commit is wrong too. That is why our attorneys are ready to help anyone who has been wrongfully accused of a bath salt-related drug crime.

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