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Understanding the Factor of “Intent”

Possession with intent refers to the illegal possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute the drug. If you have been charged with possession with intent, you must act immediately to retain the services of our firm. If illegal drugs are found in your home, on your person, or in your car, law enforcement will look for any evidence that indicates your intention to sell or distribute the drugs. This felony is often filed when the amount of the drug in the alleged offense is above the threshold level that is considered to be for personal use.

Law enforcement could also file similar charges if they discover the following:

  • Baggies or Containers
  • Pipes & Scales
  • Lists of Clients / Phone Numbers
  • Large Amounts of Cash

Any of these could be used as evidence to indicate that the substance was not just for personal consumption. Items that might be found in a chemical laboratory could be used to prove intent to manufacture. Obviously, the more evidence of this type found, the more difficult the charges will be to fight. You can be certain that having our team on your side will provide the best chance for a hopeful outcome. Our creative defense skills have helped many facing drug crime charges.

Contact a Skilled Drug Possession Lawyer in Vegas

No matter what your circumstances are, you want to make sure that every possible angle is evaluated and pursued in order to make a bad situation better. We have years of experience in doing just that for our clients. No matter how overwhelming your problems may seem to you right now, know that we have faced problems just like this many times before and have many successful outcomes. It is likely that effective defense action can be taken and a dismissed charge could be a possibility if we get involved early. Call now to see how we could help you!