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What do drug cultivation charges encompass?

Cultivation is a drug crime imposed when an individual is found to be in possession of plants, seeds, or other natural materials that can be used to grow or produce illegal drugs. Additionally, this is charge that can be applied if certain equipment is observed by law enforcement such as special growing lamps or empty growing containers. Cultivation generally applies to drugs like marijuana or magic mushrooms and the penalties can be quite extensive upon conviction.

Although cultivation may be an easy charge for law enforcement, it may not be such a simple prosecution. For example, simply being in possession of some seeds may in no way imply that there was ever the intent to grow marijuana and there is no specific law against owning a specific type of high-powered lamp. When these different factors arise within the same situation, however, the task of finding a winning defense may be a bit more complicated.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of viable approaches that can downgrade charges to simple possession or minimize the penalties in cases where a downgrade is not possible.

Skilled Cultivation Defense Lawyers Serving Nevada

Some cultivation charges may be harder to prove than others. Accomplished legal professionals at Okabe & Haushalter have built a successful, respected criminal defense firm based on the idea that there is a strategy for every scenario. We do not back down from even the most skilled prosecutors, or the most intimidating charges. Our criminal defense law firm understands what it takes to find success in court, and we apply that knowledge with every client case that we take on. Our superior quality of legal representation and support may play an instrumental role in the minimization of your charges or penalties or even a not guilty verdict where possible.

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