Arrested for a crime? If so, it is absolutely imperative that you contact aggressive and experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to fight your charges. A criminal conviction can have traumatic and lasting effects on your future, not to mention it will leave a permanent mark on your record. Before you stand in front of the prosecution, allow the legal team at Okabe & Haushalter to form an impenetrable defense on your behalf. Your freedom, your rights, and your reputation are things that must be protected throughout the legal procedures. With a hard-hitting attorney from our firm fighting in your corner, your chances of success are far greater. That is why we encourage you to submit this free case evaluation. This way we can better assess the most effective defense strategy against your charges and fight them tooth and nail. Any details or information that you provide are kept private under client and attorney privilege. So go ahead, time is of the essence! Fill in as much as you can in the fields provided below.

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