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New Law Will Add Hundreds to NV Sex Offender Registry

Posted By: Okabe & Haushalter Posted on:June 20, 2016 Posted in: Sex Crimes

Starting July 1, residents in Nevada will have access to hundreds of new entries in the state’s sex offender registry. The dramatic new access is due to a recent court ruling that has ended “lower tier” offenders’ legal efforts to stay off the list.

As the Law Vegas Review-Journal reports, Assembly Bill 579 was supposed to put Nevada’s sex offender registry in compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act in 2007. That bill, however, was delayed for years due to a complaint filed by 24 unnamed “Tier 1” offenders who wanted their names to remain out of the public registry.

According to previous laws, offenders who were evaluated by mental health offenders and determined to be low-risk for re-offending could receive a “Tier 1” rating. Tier 1 offenders must register as a sex offender and are monitored by law enforcement but are not part of the public registry. Assembly Bill 579 will change that—making many worried that those offenders who have reformed and moved on with their lives will come under new public scrutiny.

“Now all of a sudden they’re going to have their photo on the internet,” State Senator Tick Segerblom of Las Vegas told the press. “People who are well established in their communities, with children and grandchildren, who’ve led otherwise exemplary lives.”

“No Way to Address Errors”

Attorney Alina Shell represented the 24 Tier 1 offenders who filed the initial complaint against Assembly Bill 579. She told Law Vegas Review-Journal that she will be filing an amended complaint to address other “constitutional issues” that have yet to be addressed. She also told reporters that she predicts widespread legal action by those who accidently are included in the new list.

“One issue is that there is no way to address errors,” Shell wrote to reporters. “If you think you don’t belong on the registry or have served the requisite time, you have to hire a lawyer to file an action. That isn’t a workable system.”

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