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Internet Crimes

Attorney Mark Hauhalter discusses your rights if you are under investigation for an internet crime.

Many people contact Okabe & Haushalter when they receive notification that they are being investigated for an internet-related crime such as child pornography. If you have been notified of an investigation by the FBI, Secret Service or even ICE, then you need to contact our firm as soon as possible. Okabe & Haushalter’s team of Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers have what it takes to use the full extent of the law to your defense. Being charged with an internet crime can be an incredibly intimidating experience to go through, but with our firm on your side you can face your charges with confidence. Internet crime charges are serious, and you cannot talk your way out of them. Our firm suggests that you utilize your right to remain silent and refuse to speak with law enforcement until you have us as legal counsel on your side.

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