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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges?

Being investigated for or charged with a crime is one of the most frightening things you can experience.  The potential consequences are hard to ignore and can make the situation seem completely overwhelming.  It is vital that you take immediate action if you are confronted by such a situation and contacting a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer should be your first step.  Do not discuss the matter with police or investigators before retaining the services of a qualified attorney.  Doing so may lead to your statements being misconstrued and used to incriminate you.  Exercise your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel and contact us at Okabe & Haushalter right away.

We Can Help

We are ready to delve into your case and investigate to locate evidence or information which may be used in your defense.  Our firm will conduct a thorough review of the evidence the prosecution plans to use against you and search for any factors that may cause it to be considered invalid or inadmissible.  Even if charges have not yet been filed, retaining our services while you are under investigation can sometimes lead to the entire matter being dropped.  We will attempt to have any charges against you dismissed or reduced and can represent you aggressively in court.  As needed, we will negotiate in pursuit of reduced penalties. 

We represent clients across a broad spectrum of charges, including arson, assault & battery, child pornography, domestic violence, federal offenses, theft offenses, murder, manslaughter, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, rape, sexual assault, sex with a minor, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, possession, marijuana possession, weapons offenses, white collar crimes, and fraud offenses.  We also defend clients charged with DUI and can represent you at DMV hearings to fight for your right to keep your driver's license.  At our firm, we appreciate the immense stress you are under and what is at stake.  It is important to us to fight for justice and we will do everything we can to defend your case.

Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney immediately if you are under investigation or facing criminal charges.

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